This game was created for the 2020 Spooky 2D game jam! As I was a 1 person team, all assets (aside from audio) were created entirely by myself within the 48 hour development window. I recommend downloading the Window's version for the optimal experience!

The Scouring of Shadowend Manor is a top down action/horror game centered around your attempted escape of a cursed manor. The objective is to navigate the dark mansion with a flashlight to collect all three keys and make it back to the entrance to escape. Ghosts will be encountered along the way and can be warded off with the flashlight. The weaker the flashlight, the longer it takes to ward them away so be careful with your flashlight usage!

The game features dynamic lighting (only in Windows version) allowing for a more atmospheric and spooky experience, and procedural generation allowing for unique experiences each time you play.

Hope you enjoy!


  • John Wolz


  • Kenzie Cude
  • Bradford Doughty



Download 28 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the file
  • Extract the file into a location of your choosing
  • Run "The Scouring of Shadowend Manor.exe" from within the extracted folder to launch
  • If Windows tells you it prevented an unrecognized app from starting, select "More Info" and then click "Run Anyway"


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little big i would have used a second top down came for the map. the grid is a little confusing. good job


Hi! I appreciate your suggestion! The reason I did not do that originally is because I still wanted exploration to be a major part in the game since the level is procedurally generated each time. That is why I opted for the grid because it allowed me to force the player to still explore without feeling completely disoriented in the maze of rooms. Thank you so much for the suggestion and thanks for playing!