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Far in the distant future, in a land collapsing reality, utter destruction, and sweet guitar riffs, there is only one super awesome hero who has a chance to save humanity: Captain Astro. Help the captain as attempts to bravely navigate the complex mind- scape forming in Earth's collapsing atmosphere in an attempt to the destroy the time aliens once and for all. 

This game was made as part of Louisiana Tech's 2019 Game Jam, and received the the Best Art award as well as the People's Choice Award. This game was made entirely over the course of 48 hours.


Programming, Level Design:

John Wolz


Alicia Niemirowski


Title Screen: "Maximum Thrust" by TWRP

In Game: "Optimistic Bits" by Philip Gross

Install instructions

Download the zip file and run the file "Game Jam".


Captain Astro 35 MB

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